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Ichigenme...The First Class Is Civil Law Volume 2 (Yaoi) (Ichigenme... The First Class Is Civil Law) - Fumi Yoshinaga (2007)
ISBN 9781934129029
Publisher 801 Media, Inc.
Publication Date 6/20/2007
Format Paperback (183 x 132 mm)
Plot / Summary
An (apparently) frivolous Tohdou and an (overly) series Tamiya. The two continue to collide, but have finally become lovers after graduation. This is their life afterwards, living together, but... things really can't be that simple and easy, right? The long awaited conclusion to Ichigenme... The First Class is Civil Law is here with bonus material. Tohdou's younger brother even makes a "guest appearance!"
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 15824
Other Resources Purchase Information
Cover Price $15.95
Nr of Pages 220
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