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Tales Of King Arthur: The Sword In The Stone (Books Of Wonder) - 0 (1991)
ISBN 9780688094034
Publisher HarperCollins
Publication Date 9/20/1991
Format Hardcover (299 x 223 mm)
Illustrator Hudson Talbott
Plot / Summary

Except for the dragon-shaped constellation that appeared at his birth, there was nothing that suggested Arthur was destined for greatness.

Raised by the gentle Sir Ector, Arthur spends his boyhood exploring the Welsh woodlands, until one day a messenger arrives announcing a grand tournament to be held in London. Arthur's older brother, Sir Kay, insists they must attend with Arthur as his squire. After traveling the long road to London on horseback, Kay performs brilliantly in the contest, but it's young Arthur himself who ultimately wins the day.

The first volume of the Tales of King Arthur series introduces younger readers to the classic story known for over one hundred years as "The Sword in the Stone." Hudson Talbott has faithfully retold this heroic tale with humor and warmth, showing a human side to Arthur rarely glimpsed before. His vivid, richly colored paintings capture a crowded London at Christmastime and magnificent knights jousting on the field of battle, as well as the legendary sorcerer Merlin and the magical sword that reveals Arthur's destiny.

Alive with the drama of medieval England, this book will awaken young readers' interest in the legendary king who set new ideals for knightly valor.

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Cover Price $19.99
Nr of Pages 48
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