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Business (8th Edition) - Ricky W Griffin, Ronald J Ebert (2005)
ISBN 9780131495371
Publisher Prentice Hall
Publication Date 2/27/2005
Format Hardcover (277 x 221 mm)
Plot / Summary

This best-selling book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of all the important functions of business. Each edition has introduced cutting-edge firsts while ensuring the underlying principles that guided its creation. This eighth edition focuses on the broad range of developments–economic, social, and political–re-shaping some long-established business practices. A five-part organization covers the contemporary business environment, the dynamics of managing, the principles of marketing, managing operations and information, and understanding financial issues. For individuals starting out - and continuing to compete - in the 21st century world of business.

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2Frog Index 14417
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Cover Price $144.20
Nr of Pages 736
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