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The Basic Practice Of Statistics W/Cd-Rom - David S. Moore (2006)
ISBN 9780716774785
Publisher W. H. Freeman
Publication Date 8/4/2006
Format Hardcover (254 x 216 mm)
Plot / Summary
In the #1 bestselling brief text, The Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS), Moore brings the data analysis approach to the one-term course, with an accessible, fun style that helps students with limited mathematical backgrounds utilize the same tools, techniques, and interpretive skills working statisticians rely on everyday.

This extraordinary new edition of Moore's classic offers a number of innovations, including briefer chapters, a new problem-solving process, a wealth of new exercises, and new all-in-one place StatsPortal, with all the electronic tools instructors and students need.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 14383
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Cover Price $114.95
Nr of Pages 728
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