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Softbox Lighting Techniques For Professional Photographers - Stephen A. Dantzig (2007)
ISBN 9781584282020
Publisher Amherst Media, Inc.
Publication Date 5/28/2007
Format Paperback (277 x 213 mm)
Plot / Summary
Softboxes—specialized photographic lighting devices that produce a flattering and soft, low-contrast look—are the main focus of this resource for photographers. Professional and amateur photographers alike will be able to apply the thorough explanations on the simple, yet highly effective, light- and shadow-altering methodologies found in this guidebook to any subject matter in portrait, fashion, and editorial images. Additional chapters cover the use of softboxes in partnership with other light sources, including sunlight and various types of studio lighting treatments.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 13653
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Cover Price $34.95
Nr of Pages 128
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