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Lost City Radio: A Novel (P.S.) - Daniel Alarcon (2008)
ISBN 9780060594817
Publisher Harper Perennial
Publication Date 2/1/2008
Format Paperback (198 x 132 mm)
Plot / Summary

For ten years, Norma has been the on-air voice of consolation and hope for the Indians in the mountains and the poor from the barrios—a people broken by war's violence. As the host of Lost City Radio, she reads the names of those who have disappeared—those whom the furiously expanding city has swallowed. Through her efforts lovers are reunited and the lost are found. But in the aftermath of the decadelong bloody civil conflict, her own life is about to forever change—thanks to the arrival of a young boy from the jungle who provides a cryptic clue to the fate of Norma's vanished husband.

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2Frog Index 10445
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Cover Price $13.95
Nr of Pages 288
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