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The 9 Steps To Financial Freedom Audio - 0 (1999)
ISBN 9780679459460
Publisher Random House Audio
Publication Date 3/15/1999
Format Audio Cassette (176 x 110 mm)
Plot / Summary
2 cassettes / 3 hours
Read by the Author

From the nuts and bolts of managing money to the deep psychological and even spiritual meaning it has in our lives, this personal finance audiobook shows everyone, even complete novices, how to take control of their money.

Suze Orman is a certified financial planner, a retirement specialist and registered investment advisor.

Orman begins with the insight that managing money is fare more than a matter of picking the right investments of getting out of credit card debt.

To get control of our finances, we must first get control of the feelings about money that arise from our earliest experiences with it.

Next comes Orman's clear, easy-to-follow advice about the practical importance of understanding and utilizing investments, retirement plans, insurance, and credit.  

Finally, Orman reveals why true financial freedom lies not in amassing wealth, but in realizing that we are worth fare more than our money.
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Cover Price $18.00
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