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Taiwan Today (2nd Edition) - Shou-Hsin Teng, Perry Lo-Sun (1999)
ISBN 9780887273421
Publisher Cheng & Tsui
Publication Date 8/1/1999
Format Paperback (251 x 178 mm)
Plot / Summary
This intermediate level Chinese textbook brings to life for the classroom the customs, traditions, and manners of present-day Taiwan. Interactive student participation is encouraged through a variety of activities, from role-playing techniques to puzzles to discussion topics. Students using the book should have a proficiency level equivalent to the second semester of the second year in college. Taiwan Today is also appropriate for heritage learners and accelerated high school programs. This revised edition includes photographs of life in Taiwan and expanded indices, including those by pinyin, bopomofo, and stroke count. Each of the twelve lessons introduces 45-50 new words (vocabulary lists include traditional and simplified characters and pinyin as well as the English definition). Lessons start with texts in simplified and traditional characters on facing pages. Topics are from contemporary Taiwan, and include Exercise in the Park, Visiting a Night Market, Marriage and Match-Makers, Religions and Folk Beliefs, and The Excitement of Festivals. English translations and pinyin do not appear in the readings. General exercises (presented in both simplified and traditional characters) include vocabulary practice, composition, and supplementary activities. Audio cassettes are sold separately.
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2Frog Index 68086
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Cover Price $34.95
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