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.Hack//G.U.+ Volume 1 - Tatsuya Hamazaki, Yuzuka Morita (2008)
ISBN 9781427806352
Publisher TokyoPop
Publication Date 2/12/2008
Format Paperback (183 x 119 mm)
Translator Ryan Peterson
Plot / Summary
It is the year 2017, and the stakes have gotten even higher in the massively multiplayer online game The World--now The World R:2, a dangerous place overrun by player killers, where lawlessness abounds. The PKK Haseo, known as "The Terror of Death," is a fearsome foe who punishes those who want to slay other players. But things have gotten personal as Haseo tries to track down the killer Tri-Edge, who has threatened the real life of his friend Shino...
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 6729
Other Resources Purchase Information
Cover Price $9.99
Nr of Pages 212
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