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Spss Companion To Political Analysis - Philip H. Pollock III (2005)
ISBN 9781568029962
Publisher CQ Press
Publication Date 5/15/2005
Format Paperback (274 x 213 mm)
Plot / Summary
This popular companion volume gets students using actual political data, and working with a software tool that ?ttingly prepares them for future political science courses. A no-nonsense introduction to SPSS, the workbook utilizes over 110 screen shots to provide step-by-step instruction and advice on using the statistics program most utilized by today's political scientists. With updated customized datasets, this workbook equips students to analyze real political science research. The second edition has been updated for SPSS 12.0 and 13.0, but also accommodates users of 11.0 and student versions.

The CD-ROM includes five datasets: Two individual-level survey datasets (the 2000 National Election Study and the 2002 General Social Survey, scaled down for the classroom), two datasets containing aggregate-level variables (on the ?fty states and on 114 nations of the world), and a dataset that measures partisanship, voting behavior, and ideology of members of the United States Senate. Each chapter contains several guided examples using the datasets and concludes with comprehensive, practical exercises providing students the opportunity to apply their new skills to substantive political issues.

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2Frog Index 67629
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Cover Price $39.95
Nr of Pages 203
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