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Treatment Of Language Disorders In Children (Communication And Language Intervention Series) - 0 (2006)
ISBN 9781557666888
Publisher Brookes Publishing Company
Publication Date 3/24/2006
Format Paperback (249 x 178 mm)
Plot / Summary
have the comprehensive knowledge they need to evaluate, compare, select, and apply effective interventions for language disorders in children. Expert contributors take a balanced, in-depth look at 15 widely used interventions, examining how they should be applied, what evidence demonstrates that they really work, and what SLPs should do to support and refine the approaches. Future practitioners will consider three types of interventions: those targeting prelinguistic and early linguistic communication, more advanced language and literacy, and multiple levels of language and/or nonlanguage goals. Each chapter critically examines one treatment approach and brings it to life with one or more realistic case studies and a DVD clip that shows the strategy in action.
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2Frog Index 65668
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Cover Price $59.95
Nr of Pages 584
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