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Group Discussion: A Practical Guide To Particiption And Leadership - Kathryn Sue Young, Julia T. Wood, Gerald M. Phillips, Douglas J. Pedersen (2006)
ISBN 9781577664758
Publisher Waveland Press
Publication Date 6/25/2006
Format Paperback (224 x 150 mm)
Plot / Summary
This affordable, concise guide to group discussion offers comprehensive coverage of the standard agenda, an approach that works for any problem-solving discussion. Readers learn a proven, relevant, practical approach to solving problems. The authors emphasize the creative potential of individuals and urge them to apply that creativity to their discussions, including imaginative ways to foster equal participation, inventive gathering of background information, rhetorically-sensitive handling of conflict, and critical assessment of potential solutions to a problem. Dynamic group discussion is a rewarding experience, and this book maps the route to effective communication in groups for participants and for leaders. As a collective effort, group discussion provides firsthand experience of the enhancement of individual abilities when working as part of a team, encouraging mutual respect and the synergies of collaborative efforts.
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2Frog Index 64967
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Cover Price $17.95
Nr of Pages 182
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