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Communication Miracles At Work: Effective Tools And Tips For Getting The Most From Your Work Relationships - Matthew Gilbert (2002)
ISBN 9781573248020
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication Date 7/15/2002
Format Paperback (178 x 128 mm)
Plot / Summary
Author Matthew Gilbert teaches communication skills that can help anyone improve relationships with coworkers, managers, and clients. Readers learn to recognize obstacles to communicating well, break bad communication habits, and communicate effectively to achieve workplace harmony. Topics include the influence of corporate culture on employees' ability to get along with each other, the role of stress in ineffective communication, gender issues, and communication skills for navigating a variety of real-world situations. Offering practical advice that can be applied to any job, this book demonstrates that improving communication is the key to having better day-to-day experiences at work.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 64716
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Cover Price $14.95
Nr of Pages 246
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