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Elementary Statistics, Revised (5th Edition) - Janet T. Spence, John W. Cotton, Benton J. Underwood, Carl P. Duncan (1991)
ISBN 9780132532617
Publisher Prentice Hall
Publication Date 12/30/1991
Format Hardcover (240 x 184 mm)
Plot / Summary
This application-oriented guide hands you simple-to-use mathematical techniques for determining various statistics in psychology and the behavioral sciences. Progressing from basic descriptive statistics to inferential paramedic statistics, the handbook includes graphic presentations including stem and leaf displays ... step-by-step procedures for performing computations ... advice for selecting the appropriate statistical test for specific studies ... coverage of various statistical computer programs ... and more. Intended for professionals with little or no knowledge of statistics.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 64458
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Cover Price $128.20
Nr of Pages 400
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