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How To Read A Poem: And Fall In Love With Poetry - Edward Hirsch (2000)
ISBN 9780156005661
Publisher Harvest Books
Publication Date 3/7/2000
Format Paperback (226 x 152 mm)
Plot / Summary
How to Read a Poem is an unprecedented exploration of poetry and feeling. In language at once acute and emotional, distinguished poet and critic Edward Hirsch describes why poetry matters and how we can open up our imaginations so that its message can make a difference. In a marvelous reading of verse from around the world, including work by Pablo Neruda, Elizabeth Bishop, Wallace Stevens, and Sylvia Plath, among many others, Hirsch discovers the true meaning of their words and ideas and brings their sublime message home into our hearts. A masterful work by a master poet, this brilliant summation of poetry and human nature will speak to all readers who long to place poetry in their lives.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 64126
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Cover Price $15.00
Nr of Pages 368
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