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The Penguin Dictionary Of Critical Theory (Penguin Reference Books) - David Macey (2002)
ISBN 9780140513691
Publisher Penguin (Non-Classics)
Publication Date 7/30/2002
Format Paperback (196 x 127 mm)
Plot / Summary
The most up-to-date and authoritative introduction to critical theory available, this acclaimed dictionary provides an ideal overview of the full range of theories, schools of thought, and theorists. Whether it's Arendt or Woolf, object relations or orientalism, postcolonial theory or postmodernism, readers will find incisive entries on the work of key figures, powerful summaries of the crucial debates, and clear explanations of both the links and differences between the various thinkers and schools.

"Remarkable for its comprehensiveness. . . . It is certainly a reference work I will want to have on my own shelves." (David Lodge)
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2Frog Index 63756
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Cover Price $18.00
Nr of Pages 496
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