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Statistics Plain And Simple - Sherri L. Jackson (2004)
ISBN 9780534643713
Publisher Wadsworth Publishing
Publication Date 6/16/2004
Format Paperback (231 x 183 mm)
Plot / Summary
Build your confidence in understanding, calculating, and interpreting statistics with STATISTICS: PLAIN AND SIMPLE. This straightforward, conversational introduction to statistics presents just what its title promises -- a plain-and-simple overview of statistics that is clear, concise, and sparing in its use of jargon. You'll develop a strong awareness of the interaction between statistical methods and research methods along with a solid working knowledge of basic statistical cautions in research design, a strong understanding of the concept of significance, and the critical thinking skills necessary to apply these ideas.
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2Frog Index 60400
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Cover Price $47.95
Nr of Pages 288
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