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The Other Choice: A Story Of Infertility And Adoption - Tamra Clum Barton (2006)
ISBN 9781425705398
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Publication Date 1/17/2006
Format Paperback (229 x 155 mm)
Plot / Summary
This is a personal and touching story of one women's journey to find a child. Tamra spent 8 years pursuing a child through fertility clinics without success. Her body would not cooperate and give her the child she wanted. The need for a child was so overwhelming they turned to adoption. Their adoption journey from start to finish took three years, while reading the story you will learn of the many pitfalls they had to overcome. The story has a happy ending with the adoption of their daughter.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 58233
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Cover Price $20.99
Nr of Pages 120
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