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Virtual Colonoscopy: A Practical Guide (Medical Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging) - 0 (2005)
ISBN 9783540228653
Publisher Springer
Publication Date 12/14/2005
Format Hardcover (259 x 196 mm)
Plot / Summary

Virtual colonoscopy, or CT colonography, is a novel and rapidly evolving technique for the detection of tumoral lesions in the colon. It promises to be of great value as a screening tool for both colorectal cancer and its adenomatous precursor. With contributions from several leaders in the field, this book addresses all the important issues relating to virtual colonoscopy. There is a particular focus on practical aspects: how to start virtual colonoscopy in a department, the regular preparation, the importance of fecal tagging, how to reduce the preparation, how to obtain optimal colonic distension, and the correct scanning parameters. Imaging characteristics and pitfalls are considered in detail, with an extensive pictorial review of difficult lesions, and the importance of computer-aided diagnosis is discussed. This book will be invaluable to every radiologist seeking information on how to perform the exciting technique of virtual colonoscopy.

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Cover Price $129.00
Nr of Pages 204
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