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Rapid Recovery From Back And Neck Pain: A Nine-Step Recovery Plan - Fred Amir (2002)
ISBN 9780966982619
Publisher Health Advisory Group
Publication Date 11/1/2002
Format Paperback (214 x 138 mm)
Plot / Summary
This is the second edition of Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain, originally published in 1999. This is a companion book to Dr. Sarno's Mind Over Back Pain, Healing Back Pain, and The Mind Body Prescription. It provides an easy and effective step-by-step plan based on techniques used by Olympic athletes.

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain Book is a unique and fascinating account of one man's search for a cure. You accompany the author as he searches, like a detective, for clues to solve the mystery of back and neck pain and share with him the joy of rapid recovery from months of pain and disability. You discover crucial research information as well as easy and effective strategies for rapid recovery. This book provides you the tools to design your own rapid recovery plan for a pain-free and active life.

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain features:
. The revolutionary scientific discovery for the cause of most back, neck, and hand pain
. Crucial medical research that you are not likely to learn from most doctors or chiropractors
. The noninvasive university treatment program with a phenomenal success rate
. Case studies of people who have recovered rapidly and avoided surgery, including those with herniated or buldging disc and carpal tunnel syndrome
. Special section for designing your own rapid recovery plan
. Fascinating information on related research from major universities

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Cover Price $17.97
Nr of Pages 282
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