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Wise Women Speak To The Woman Turning 30 (Capital Lifestyles) (Capital Lifestyles) - Peggy Stout (2002)
ISBN 9781892123862
Publisher Capital Books
Publication Date 4/16/2002
Format Hardcover (218 x 142 mm)
Plot / Summary
Similar to becoming "sweet sixteen," turning 30 is often seen as a pivotal birthday. Twenty-one-year-olds are "legal" adults, while becoming 30 places you at the next stage of womanhood. No longer a twenty-something seeking the pleasures and benefits of the adult world, the thirty-something woman is establishing herself in her profession, working towards financial independence, often married, possibly considering motherhood, if not there already. Her focus shifts to the bigger issues of partnering, parenting, fulfillment, balance and spirituality, to name a few. She wants to be a self-aware woman of depth and substance.

For this becoming-wise younger woman, this lovely journal offers words of wisdom from women who have already experienced many of life's challenges and can now reflect upon their meaning for women of all generations. Wise Women Speak is a beautifully illustrated collection of women's wisdom meant to challenge and reassure an emerging woman and give her room to reflect her own wise words. It is a thoughtful and interactive gift book, sure to become a treasured heirloom.
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2Frog Index 55983
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Cover Price $14.95
Nr of Pages 128
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