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Soft Bipolar: Vivid Thoughts, Mood Shifts And Swings, Depression, And Anxiety Of The Mild Mood Disorders Affecting Millions Of Americans - Ph.D., Charles K. Bunch (2005)
ISBN 9780595348244
Publisher iUniverse, Inc.
Publication Date 6/15/2005
Format Paperback (224 x 147 mm)
Plot / Summary
Soft Bipolar: Vivid Thoughts, Mood Shifts and Swings, Depression, and Anxiety of the Mild Mood Disorders Affecting Millions of Americans. Cutting-edge help and information is now available on the misunderstood and often misdiagnosed milder mood disorders: Bipolar ll and Cyclothymia.

You may have Soft Bipolar if you:

· Have vivid thoughts and emotions
· Have variable periods of energy and productivity
· Have good times followed by periods of foggy depression
· Have a relative with depression, a mood disorder, or alcoholism
· Are strongly affected by stress, relationships, changes of seasons, or losses
· Feel you are bright, but for some reason are not meeting your potential

If you can relate to any of these ideas, Soft Bipolar has further tools to understand your symptoms, including the new and innovative Soft Bipolar Symptom Self Report.

There are things you can do about these disorders, and direction in finding qualified help is included.

Where would we be without other resources? Soft Bipolar includes many internet-critical resource sites that offer vast amounts of help you can find today!

Dr. Bunch wants you to understand why you have suffered and what you can do about the fears, anxieties, and depression of your Soft Bipolar disorder.

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Cover Price $13.95
Nr of Pages 136
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