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Table For Five - Susan Wiggs (2006)
ISBN 9780778322863
Publisher Mira
Publication Date 4/1/2006
Format Mass Market Paperback (168 x 107 mm)
Plot / Summary
In a story only Susan Wiggs could tell, Table for Five resonates with the sweetness and surprise of the unexpected paths life can take -- and explores what it really means to be a family.

When Derek and Crystal Maguire are killed in a car accident, their three children are left to be raised by their designated guardians -- Lily Robinson and Sean McGuire. Brought together by tragedy, the two strangers are joined in grief and their mutual love for these orphaned children. Sean and Lily are about to embark on the journey of ups and downs, patience and understanding that makes a family. And along the way they will find a future filled with hope, happiness and the certainty that love is the best choice of all.

Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 53508
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Cover Price $7.99
Nr of Pages 464
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