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I & Dog - Monks of New Skete (2003)
ISBN 9780972942737
Publisher Yorkville Press
Publication Date 11/3/2003
Format Hardcover (218 x 218 mm)
Plot / Summary
The Monks of New Skete have been breeding, raising, and training German Shepherds for more than thirty years at their Cambridge, New York, monastery. Their perennial bestseller, How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend, is considered a classic in the dog-training field. First published in 1978, and completely revised and updated in 2002, the book has brought the Monks international acclaim for their successful mixture of discipline and love. Their second book, The Art of Raising a Puppy, was also a bestseller. Together, the two titles have sold close to one million copies.

Now, the Monks of New Skete reflect on the amazing bond that dogs and their owners share in the lavishly illustrated gift book, I & DOG. Celebrating this special relationship through words and images, the Monks offer a simple message: we could do worse than to learn from dogs - about ourselves, about our spirituality, and about God.

Taking readers on an eloquent exploration of the profound attachment between human and dog, this 80-page hardcover book features inspirational passages from the Monks of New Skete combined with more than fifty spectacular black and white and color images taken by talented photographers John Sann and Monique Stauder. Distilling all the wisdom and insight that the Monks have gained over the years living with and training these special creatures, this beautiful book pays homage to our extraordinary connection with our dogs.

In keeping with their philosophy, the Monks stress that love grows through respect, understanding and nurturing, and that it is humans' responsibility to listen and learn from our canine partners.

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2Frog Index 5211
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Cover Price $17.95
Nr of Pages 80
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