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The Guns Of August - Barbara W. Tuchman (2004)
ISBN 9780345476098
Publisher Presidio Press
Publication Date 8/3/2004
Format Mass Market Paperback (170 x 106 mm)
Plot / Summary
"More dramtatic than fiction...THE GUNS OF AUGUST is a magnificent narrative--beautifully organized, elegantly phrased, skillfully paced and sustained....The product of painstaking and sophisticated research."
Historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Barbara Tuchman has brought to life again the people and events that led up to Worl War I. With attention to fascinating detail, and an intense knowledge of her subject and its characters, Ms. Tuchman reveals, for the first time, just how the war started, why, and why it could have been stopped but wasn't. A classic historical survey of a time and a people we all need to know more about, THE GUNS OF AUGUST will not be forgotten.
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2Frog Index 52050
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Cover Price $7.99
Nr of Pages 640
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