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Dreamweaver 8 Accelerated: A Full-Color Guide (Accelerated) - Youngjin.com (2006)
ISBN 9789810538484
Publisher Sybex
Publication Date 12/18/2006
Format Paperback (259 x 208 mm)
Plot / Summary
Accelerate Your Dreamweaver Skills With This Practical, Sophisticated Guide

Dreamweaver 8 Accelerated: A Full Color Guide gets you up and running quickly through hands-on experience creating meaningful, fun projects. Its proven learn-by-doing approach makes the road to proficiency quick and painless. You begin with a clear-cut introduction to essential concepts, functions and terminology that are difficult to grasp on your own. Then, immediately put your new skills to the test by following the step-by-step practical exercises.

Full-color, crisp screenshots and graphics on every page give you a clear image of what's possible. Dozens of real-world examples, from straightforward to advanced, demonstrate how to integrate techniques and pull all your knowledge together. By the end, you'll know how to enrich your website with animation, special effects, audio and motion.

Projects in this book will teach you how to:
* Use rollover effects to create dynamic menus.
* Develop login and registration pages with form elements
* Create button symbols
* Work with frames and framesets
* Create a product page with ghost images
* Insert a Flash banner using a layer
* Create an interactive page with Flash elements
* Format a web page with CSS.
* Work with various sound formats when adding music to your site
* Expand your site with object, command and behavior extensions

CD Description
The CD features all the Dreamweaver sources you will need to practice and complete the exercises in the book. Compatible with both Macintosh and PC.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 50364
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Cover Price $33.72
Nr of Pages 247
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