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Easy Monday Crosswords - 0 (2005)
ISBN 9781402719134
Publisher Sterling
Publication Date 3/1/2005
Format Spiral-bound (250 x 210 mm)
Plot / Summary
Now there's a crossword collection for every level of solver, from word game newcomers to experienced experts who confidently use a pen, even when completing total brainbusters. Just like the crosswords in most newspapers, this fun series is organized by days of the week. You'll find the very simplest puzzles in Easy Monday (no unfamiliar words); ever-more difficult ones on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Killer Thursday; and unbelievably challenging, cranium-crushing examples in the Friday compilation--the hardest crosswords in America. From "Street Names," the perfect puzzle for novices, to the mind-melting "Weekend Warrior," these super puzzlers offer plenty of smart entertainment.
Additional Book Details
2Frog Index 50232
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Cover Price $7.95
Nr of Pages 96
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