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The Art Of Maya: An Introduction To 3d Computer Graphics - Alias Learning Tools (2005)
ISBN 9781894893824
Publisher Sybex
Publication Date 3/18/2005
Format Paperback (251 x 203 mm)
Plot / Summary
The Art of Maya 3rd edition is an introduction to 3D computer graphics unlike any other. Join the thousands of users who've garnered the knowledge they needed to enter the 3rd dimension with this full color visual exploration of the theory of Maya. Rich with diagrams and illustrations that demonstrate the critical concepts of 3D time and space, this book will help you understand the concepts critical to conveying your artistic vision through the medium of 3D. If you are an artist looking to incorporate 3D into your toolkit, this is the resource you need.

* 3D Computer Graphics
* Time and Space
* Animation
* Setting Keys
* Non-linear Animation
* Rigid Body Dynamics
* Modeling
* Polygons
* Subdivision Surfaces
* Deformations
* Deforming Objects
* Lattices and Clusters
* Character Animation
* Materials and Textures
* Shading Networks
* Texture Maps
* Bumps and Displacements
* Digital Cinematography
* Shadows
* Lighting
* Cameras
* Rendering
* Effects
* Particle Effects
* Paint Effects
* Maya Fluid Effects
* Maya Cloth
* Maya Long Hair
* Interactive 3D
* Game Creation
* Building Levels

The Art of Maya includes Maya Personal Learning Edition to allow you to start practicing right away. The book closes with a series of Production Notes detailing how skilled Maya artists have worked with the software to create production quality films, games, visualizations and animations.
Get an inside look at the use of Maya by:
* The Canadian Broadcast Corporation
* Turner Studios
* Digital Domain for the making of I-Robot
* Weta Digital in the making of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
* The AOES Medialab
* BioDigital
* The Mill
* Oddworld Inhabitants in the making of Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
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Cover Price $44.99
Nr of Pages 236
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